At Istari Research Lab, we regularly have open positions.

Find out what job openings are currently open below.

Istari Research Lab
A Safe Space?

At Istari Research Lab, we are dedicated to achieving attractive risk-adjusted returns for our shareholders through the use of innovative quantitative investment strategies.

We are highly skilled in statistical analysis and software engineering. We use these two core strengths to develop and implement sophisticated investment approaches.

In addition to driving strong performance, we prioritize risk management in all of our investment decisions.

We understand that achieving superior returns requires striking a balance between maximizing returns and minimizing volatility.

We strive to minimize our exposure to overall market movements and instead focus on identifying and exploiting specific inefficiencies in the market.

Due to our risk management, we are able to mitigate the impact of broader market risk on our portfolio and offer more stable returns.

If our company appeals to you, hear us out, as we may have a spot for you.

But Why Choose Istari?

For those interested in financial markets, pursuing a career as a data scientist in a quant fund can provide a fulfilling and lucrative professional experience.

But why would you choose Istari Research Lab? As a small and fully digital quant fund, we can offer some interesting benefits:

Future ahead of us

As a still relatively small company we are looking to expand and offer future employees lots of opportunities to grow both on a professional and personal level.

Open Communication

In our small team we communicate openly and to the point. No annoying and lengthy meetings.

Just straightforward and efficient communication!

We offer a relaxed and flexible work environment where you can make an impact and help shape the future and direction of the company.

Freedom of Location

We are headquartered in Jersey (UK) but are mostly a fully digital company.

Remote work is the norm in our team as we work from multiple locations around the world.

We allow for flexibility both in terms of working hours as well as location.

What makes us different?

We already mentioned it, but it is worth repeating. We're a relatively new and small start-up, which makes us the perfect company for ambitious people with an entrepreneurial mindset. Here's why:

Smart Start Up

✅ Flexible working environment

Chance to a have a big impact

✅ Become a key member of our firm

✅ Bright future

Big, Heavy Giant

🚫 Strict Policy

🚫 Being regarded as just a number

🚫 Defined career path

🚫 Limited maneuverability

Let's Get To Know Us!

We hope you are now more familiar with our philosophy, what we do, and the benefits we have to offer! It's time to meet the team you may soon be working with:


As one of the original founders Lander has been the lead data scientist from the very beginning.

As a data scientist working for Istari Research Lab, you will work closely together with him while developing and testing new strategies.


Daan is responsible for the development, testing, and maintenance of our software systems

He currently mainly develops in Python and is constantly working on making our trading systems more robust and scalable!


Thomas is focused on identifying and pursuing new opportunities to help grow the

He also works as a quant and uses mathematical and statistical models to analyze
and forecast market trends and patterns in the markets.